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彩票聊天室创建:Style switching without hindrance to value investment

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内容摘要: Recently, the FBMACE has rebounded strongly. Since the closing index reached a new low on February 9th, the number ofGEM refers tohas risen...

Recently, the FBMACE has rebounded strongly. Since the closing index reached a new low on February 9th, the number of GEM refers to has risen by 14.68%, while that of the rising KLCI and of the same period has increased by only 1.98 to 50. % and -1.23%, the style of "changing" and "not changing" is still unclear, and the sustainability of value investment strategies that lasted for more than a year has also become a topic of concern to investors. In the Wells Fargo Fund Li Xiaoming, general manager of equity research, it seems that any time is a value investment time point, because the price has always been the core of the core trading standards, through a comprehensive balance of valuation levels, growth and profitability Selecting stocks with higher long-term stability is an important source of steady long-term earnings.

Li Xiaoming told reporters that since 2017, the sharp rise in the broader market style and the continuous adjustment of the small-cap style have been the process of the return of stock prices to intrinsic value. Considering that the market value return process has been more adequate in the past two years, the price ratio between the market and the market has become relatively close, making it more and more difficult to earn style money. At the same time, the turning point of China's economic recovery in the long term has not yet appeared. The interest rate is , which is currently at a relatively high level. As a whole, the pattern of “performance is king, winning structure” is also broken, and earning money is still the basic strategy in 2018.

How to "make profitable money"? In this regard, Li Xiaoming’s strategy is to buy stocks that are cheap. “The core lies in high profitability and low PE. Specifically, the first is growth capability. We use the indicators such as operating income and net profit growth rate, operating cash flow growth rate to consider the company's historical growth, and pay attention to the growth potential of future earnings. Second, the quality of earnings, you can check the dividend rate, gross margin , operating profit margin, etc.; Third, the valuation level, according to the industry in which the listed company is located, using a combination of relative valuation and absolute valuation method to measure the stock price is reasonable. The three combine to comprehensively weigh the company's valuation, growth and profitability," explained Li Xiaoming.

According to the reporter's understanding, Li Xiaoming is one of the few investors in the value investment that has crossed the bull and bear on the market. He is adept at using the above strategies to tap the bottom-up high quality targets. Under his management, Fuguo Fund’s value benchmark product, Fuguo Tianyi Value, has accumulated returns of 107.21% since March 15, 2014 and ended on March 12, 2014, representing an annual return of 20.99%. The fund has returned a cumulative 1045.76% since its inception, ranking first among open-ended partial stocks hybrid funds .

The rich-value-driven flexible allocation to be managed by Li Xiaoming and the fund manager Yu Peng hybrid type fund (A:005472; C: 005473) is being issued by institutions such as China Merchants Bank, and will be closed on March 19th. The fund's stock position is 0-95%, and the Hong Kong stocks' underlying assets account for 0-50% of the equity assets. Li Xiaoming revealed that the fund will select A-shares and Hong Kong stocks as the core criteria for high quality and low price, and create a new generation of value benchmarking products for the investors to seek a steady long-term earnings. As for the pace of opening positions under the current market environment, Li Xiaoming said that he will not consider more timing, but rather consider the value of undervalued stocks as the main consideration, and seize the opportunities created by the previous shocks.





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